WM Doll - System For Detecting Counterfeit Codes

WM Doll - System For Detecting Counterfeit Codes

The WM Dolls anti-counterfeit code query system is a one-of-a-kind and market-leading query system that integrates production management, quality management, traceability, and other functions. The ID card of WM Dolls products is the most direct and easiest way to verify authenticity.

Each WM Dolls doll will come with an anti-counterfeiting code for inquiries, as well as the number of inquiries.

We will protect the rights of every customer who purchases WM Dolls and provide the best quality and service to them.


We will never be lenient in the face of counterfeit and inferior products. We will pursue its legal responsibility with the help of law teams from each country. Strictly prohibit the sale of counterfeit and inferior goods.


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