Why Choose Silicone Sino Doll?

Why Choose Silicone Sino Doll?

Why choose Silicone sex doll?

As we all know, more and more sex doll producers have been experimenting with various realistic materials in order to demystify the experience and provide sex doll aficionados with a diverse choice of options. For a long time, silicone was regarded as the ideal material to utilise by sex doll manufacturers since it could solve many of the TPE problems that the TPE material could not.

However, because the material costs more than TPE, the retail price of Silicone sex doll is higher than TPE sex doll, making silicone sex dolls more expensive, and many customers pick TPE love doll as their first doll. 


Silicone has been the go-to sex toy material for decades due to its durability, ease of washing, and human-like feel. The material, which has the appearance and feel of human skin, contains a mixture of silicon polymer, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. The softness of silicone varies depending on the makeup of the components. Furthermore, because silicone is heat resistant, heating functions can be integrated in silicone-made sex dolls to enhance the experience. 

MAJOR impact you choose our silicone sex doll

1. The Levels of Hygiene

When it comes to sex doll hygiene, the material utilised is classified as porous or non-porous. Silicone sex dolls are non-porous, making them simple to clean and sanitise on a regular basis to improve hygiene. The material has a soft surface that is free of pores, which can trap water and other bodily fluids during cleaning or intercourse.

2. True-to-life Sensations

The main benefit of using a sex doll is to experience true-to-life experiences, much like you would with a girlfriend/boyfriend. As a result, Sino provides more premium options for customers to pick from, such as Hyper-realism effect, smooth matter effect, ultra-soft vagina/ass/tight, and so on. Both silicone and TPE materials bring your fantasies to life with the warmth and quality you've always desired.

TPE, on the other hand, falls short when it comes to integrating technology to enhance the experience. Because silicone is less heat sensitive than TPE, you can combine heating functions and enjoy warm showers with a realistic silicone sex doll but not with a TPE sex doll.

3. Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, silicone outperforms TPE because to its pore-free construction, which makes cleaning the sex doll simple. Silicone does not discolour readily and can be sterilised on a regular basis, implying that the latter is more difficult to maintain.

Finally, both silicone and TPE materials have advantages and disadvantages that will vary based on how you intend to use your sex doll, the price you're prepared to pay, and the amount of time you want to spend on maintenance, among other factors. Both materials are of high quality and are similar in many ways, but it all comes down to personal preference.

Understand what you desire and choose the sex doll material that best fits your situation.

I hope that this post has helped you learn more about Silicone sex dolls and select the best sex doll for you.


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