WMDOLL - Anal Sex

WMDOLL - Anal Sex

Anal sex is becoming increasingly popular in sex porn videos. In reality, many people want to try it. Still, they fear being labeled a pervert if they express their desire to their partner. Or their partners say no out of fear of the pain. Or they don't have a partner at all.

What is the sensation of anal sex like? What should you concentrate on? We believe many sex doll fans are also interested in it, so we'll go over it in depth today.

1. You are not Perverts.

Although anal sex is a rare sexual activity, it is natural to want to try it for yourself, given the abundance of anal sex videos and GIFs on porn sites. Owners of sex dolls, don't be afraid to explore your desires and curiosities.

You can occasionally try with your women if they enjoy this sex position based on the principles of respect and pleasure. Perhaps there is another spark.

2. Would anal sex be better?

Yes, in most cases. Because the muscles around the anus are more capable of contracting, men who enter from the back will feel a tighter sensation and a taboo-breaking pleasure.

3. Need a condom?

Anal sex is far more dangerous than vaginal sex. Because of the many microorganisms left in the residual feces, the penis can become infected if the anus and rectum are not thoroughly cleaned.

4. How to prepare for anal sex?

Prepare enough lubricant for safe anal sex for beginners. The rectal mucosa is more delicate than other areas and easily torn during intercourse. Furthermore, you must communicate more with your partner in order to assist her in overcoming her feelings of shame, anxiety, and fear.

5. Is it dangerous?

If a person has a sexually transmitted disease, unprotected anal intercourse can easily transmit it. So, having anal sex with a real person is best done with a condom!

If you use your fingers for anal penetration, remember to cut your nails. Long nails not only carry bacteria, but they can also cause bleeding by breaking the skin inside the rectum.

Wear finger cots if possible to keep your fingers from coming into direct contact with bacteria or microbes in your gut, reducing the risk of bacterial infection and transmission.

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