How Are Sex Dolls Made? - WM Dolls

How Are Sex Dolls Made? - WM Dolls

How are sex dolls introduced into the world? How are these silicone/TPE beings created? If you are a die-hard doll fan, there is a good probability that these questions have crossed your mind. It's normal to be inquisitive about the process of creating a sex doll. However, snooping around in a doll production facility and watching the entire process unfold would be exhausting and inconvenient. We have a far superior solution to satisfy your curiosity.

We, your favorite host (aren't we? ), will show you how sex dolls are manufactured. We will walk you through the procedure and process of creating a fantastic sex doll. So, without further ado, let us get right into it.


There are no metaphors in this. The creative hands of artists and design personnel conduct the first step in creating a sex doll. They create a comprehensive drawing of the sex doll. After all, a complex item like a sex doll needs a proper design. This rough sketch is then utilized to create a 3D model of the doll.

In most cases, a sex doll's complete body is made from a single mould. However, some producers may choose to make arms and legs separately. It all depends on the manufacturer's desire. Once the basic model is complete, it is divided into sections.

It should be noted that the doll's head is produced separately. This is due to the fact that the head is a more detailed piece of work that demands more attention than the body.


But have we already made the mould? Yes and no, respectively. The previous stage showed us a basic mould, which is then utilised to generate a harmful mould. Take the phrase lightly because it is the basic mould that will support the skeletal framework of the sex doll. The skeleton must be appropriately adjusted to give the doll a natural stance. In a normal situation, the skeletal structure is thicker in the thigh and breast areas. We'll get into more detail about that later. The most crucial thing at this point is to ensure that the doll has an appropriate structure. This means that the mould must be precisely in rhythm with the skeleton.


We have now reached the stage when TPE or silicone is used. Yes, this arrives at the third stage of manufacture. In the previous stage, we successfully built a mould supported by a well-in-place skeleton. We are now pouring the TPE/silicone over the mould. The material (silicone or TPE) must be poured in the correct amount. The problem is that if too little TPE/silicone is used, the doll will have a very rigid design. But, it would be like making love to a hard, thick rock. On the other hand, if we use too much TPE or silicone, the doll will grow flabby and appear flaccid.

The pigmentation of the skin and other characteristics, such as skin texture, are focused on at this stage. At this point, there is virtually no room for error. Even a minor error might utterly demolish the doll's design. As a result, this is the step that necessitates a thorough examination.

After the material is poured in, it is allowed to cool.


This is the most challenging yet fascinating part of the entire procedure. The initial stage is to extract the doll from the mould. Around this point, the sex doll's main construction is complete. However, the sex doll does not resemble the fashionable models on the market. The doll has a lot of redundant material that must be removed. This is done by design specialists who adjust and shape the doll. However, their job entails more than simply removing excess "fat."

The experts also fine-tune and even out the skin. This is typically done with a spatula. We will proceed to the next stage after it is completed.


This is the final step in the sex doll creation process and is also the most time-consuming. The doll is embellished with eyes, fingernails, hair, brows, carefully sculpted breasts, and other details. The doll is carefully detailed to make her appear more lifelike. The goal is to create a doll as lifelike as possible. This stage is unique to each sex doll, and this stage is also carried out by many specialists and professionals.

It can also be observed if any part of the doll needs to be worked on or altered. This level becomes more elaborate for advanced dolls, such as AI Dolls. The dolls have fancy modifications, such as groaning devices, tongues, tooth sets, etc.

Finally, the doll is ready to ship once all adjustments and modifications have been made. Overall, making an adult love doll is long and involves, but the result is beautiful.

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